Terms of Services. Terms and conditions

The mission of RateYourManager.ca is to offer to employees of any organization the possibility to express themselves, to talk about their work experiences and to give their opinion about their manager. Such statement is given in an anonymous way and has for purpose to benefit any interested third party. This document specifies the terms and conditions under which RateYourManager.ca is giving you access to its services.

1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

The use of services offered by RateYourManager.ca implies your acceptation of the terms and conditions outlined in this section which specify the rules and conditions that govern the use of RateYourManager.ca. Please read this section carefully. If you disagree with any term or condition, we ask that you do not use the services offered in this Web site.

2. Change of terms and conditions

The terms and conditions may be revised at any time without notice. It is your obligation to visit them regularly in order to be aware of any changes that may have occurred.

3. Trade-Marks and Trade-Names

You will remain the sole owner of the intellectual property pertaining to any material you are submitting to us. You are however, granting a licence to use the content of your material for purpose of publishing and promoting. This licence is granted through the sole act of submitting your material to us and is granted to us without consideration. This licence is non-exclusive and does not carry an expiry date.

4. Authorization and access to the site

RateYourManager.ca authorizes you to contribute in evaluating and commenting on your work experiences and authorizes you to copy materials from this site to a hard drive for the purpose of viewing as long as this utilization is for personal use only. Any commercial use of the content of this web site is prohibited. Without limiting the generality of the forgoing, the following form of utilization is prohibited :

- The utilization of this site for purpose other than to be informed or to inform ( such as disguised commercial solicitation).

- the utilization of the information contained in this web site for commercial or marketing purposes as well as for the purpose of increasing the number of visitors of any other web site.

- The utilization of this site for the purpose of sending or forwarding any kind of studies, contests, or for the purpose of spamming or hacking or for the purpose of committing any kind of illicit or illegal act.

5. Personal Conduct

· In using the web site RateYourManager.ca, you remain responsible to ensure the confidentiality of your utilization of the site. We advise you not to visit this web site from your work computer and not use your professional e-mail address. See also the « Personal information, security and confidentiality » section.

· It is prohibited to publish on RateYourManager.ca your personal contact information such as your e-mail address, your phone number, your home address or any other information which could lead to your identity.

· You agree not to rate or make any comment about a manager unless you are presently an employee or have been working with or for this manager.

· You undertake to communicate information that is true and genuine and is not in breach of any law or regulation in force in Canada.

· Allegations that are unfounded or libellous are forbidden. It is your responsibility to ensure that your statement is as explicit and argumentative as possible.

· Usurping the identity of an individual or of an entity is forbidden. It is also forbidden to mislead someone regarding the source of a comment or statement.

· You undertake to respect the internetiquette.

6. Limit of responsibility

RateYourManager.ca is not responsible regarding the content of any statement submitted by its users. RateYourManager.ca has no control over the information disclosed on the site and does not perform due diligence before putting statements online. RateYourManager.ca may, further to a complaint or a comment, look at the content of any statement and edit out in whole or in part any statement that is either inappropriate, libellous, untrue or in breach with the terms and conditions of utilization.

7. Responsibility pertaining to the content of the statements

Visitors may posted any comments as long as the content of such comment is not illegal, obscene, threatening, libellous, racist or heinous. The content of such statement shall not invade someone’s privacy or infringed anyone’s intellectual property rights or be reprehensible. RateYourManager.ca may, at any time and at its entire discretion, suppress any such content. It is understood that RateYourManager.ca does not have the obligation to review all posting.

RateYourManager.ca is only a means of communication. The users remain responsible for the content of their statement. As such, RateYourManager.ca does not control the content of statements posted and cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, nor the veracity of the information published on this site. Consequently, RateYourManager.ca cannot be held responsible for the content, existence, nature, quality, legality, security and conformity of any comment posted on this site.

8. Manager’s right to respond

Any manager who wishes to respond to a comment may do so by rating himself and give the name of a contact person for identification purpose. Any statement coming from a manager will be identified as being the response to a specific comment.

9. Procedure for the withdrawal of a comment

Any manager can ask for the withdrawal of a comment if he is the subject of such comment and if the content of such comment is in breach with the terms and conditions of utilization. A demand for the withdrawal of a comment shall be sent to and shall include the comment itself as well as the grounds for the request. An answer to your request will be available within 72 hours. A disagreement with the content a comment does not constitute a motive for the withdrawal of a statement.

10. Hyperlinks

Both RateYourManager.ca’s web site and its users’comments may include hyperlinks to third-party Web sites. RateYourManager.ca cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, nor the veracity of information published on third-party Web sites. Consequently, RateYourManager.ca cannot be held responsible for content published on these sites.

11. Confidentiality

RateYourManager.ca undertakes not to use or disclose the information provided by its users for any other purpose than providing its services. RateYourManager.ca cannot however guarantee the confidentiality of the information submitted over the Internet. Thus, users must accept the entire responsibility in the event that confidential information is divulged. See also « Personal information, security and confidentiality.»

12. Exclusion of garantee

RateYourManager.ca does not accept responsibility for the failure of any services causing the unavailability of its services. RateYourManager.ca does not accept responsibility for the unavailability of its services on the Internet nor will he accept responsibility for the transmission of a virus. Similarly, RateYourManager.ca does not accept responsibility for any typographical errors or other inaccuracies found on its site. Finally, RateYourManager.ca cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred through the use of its services.

13. Claims and governing law

In the event of a claim against RateYourManager.ca following an alleged violation of the terms and conditions outlined in this section, by either yourself or any other user using your account, you, hereby, agree to support RateYourManager.ca.

The set of rights conferred to RateYourManager.ca through these terms and conditions of utilization does not constitute any obligation for RateYourManager.ca. RateYourManager.ca has the entire discretion to use or not to use any of the rights it has under the terms and conditions of utilization.

These terms and conditions of utilization shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec. Any claims or legal proceedings for any purpose whatsoever, in connection with these terms and conditions of utilization will be taken in the judicial district of Montreal.