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Welcome to Rate Your Manager in Canada

Our website is dedicated to all the employees in Canada that want to improve the management system. We encourage people to join the comunity to talk about their experiences with their managers.
Help your managers to excel in their duties or to acknowledge good or bad actions that they've taken in time. Tell us and your manager how you feel and hopefully the situation will change.

We believe in:

  • constructive criticism and
  • continuous improvement
Please provide details in your comments and state your sugestions.
We are aware that Management is so much more than tracking the time of your team and following up with the clients, and unfortunatly sometimes is just that.

Our website is also dedicated to all the managers in Canada by providing guideness and tips on how to become a great manager. With your help we will improve our tips and tricks section.

Help us making:
  • your life easier with a pleasant atmosphere at work
  • a nice relationship with your boss
  • improving your work project's life quality
  • rating your manager
  • giving thorough comments and sugestions
  • send us at general tips & tricks on how to become a better manager, biography to read, education to take (certifications), trainings to follow etc.